Woman Diagnosed With Conjunctivitis Given Months To Live

A 29-year-old woman who was diagnosed with an eye infection after complaining from a sore eye has been given a month to live after an MRI scan revealed she had a brain tumour…

Rhiana, from Perth in Australia, was misdiagnosed with conjunctivitis back in May but her symptoms ‘quickly deteriorated’ and she began to suffer from headaches, double vision and facial numbness.

After nine visits to ‘various medical institutions’, an MRI scan in August revealed she had a tumour growing on the nerve between her eye and brain.

rhiana 2After initially ‘having a good cry’, Rhiana said she has made the vow to fight on and battle the disease with the support of her family and friends.

There is a ‘glimmer of hope’ in the form of a qualified and reputable neurosurgeon in Sydney who has the skill set, ability and confidence to operate on Rhiana’s tumour. He is brain surgeon Dr. Charlie Teo.

However, with costs of treatment topping $100,000, Rhiana and her family can’t afford it so one of her friends has started a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise the much-needed funds.

Rhiana said she wanted to warn others about the potential risks associated with innocuous symptoms, while she continues battling on.

Visit Go Fund to support Rhiana in her battle!