How many dogs do you see in the picture? The number reveals how old you are mentally

THIS OPTICAL conundrum has become a hit on social networks as it supposedly reveals what your mental age is. Take a good look at it and tell us how many dogs you see.

The minimum number is four, and some manage to discern up to seven. According to some, those who succeed are very young at heart and their mental age is between ten and 20 years, writes

If you see four dogs, your mental age is 20-25 years. You are the artistic and literary type of person. You like to look at things from a fresh perspective and often go to concerts and book promotions. The noisy environment doesn’t suit you, and you like to keep your brain young with simple thoughts.

If you see five dogs, your brain is between 25 and 30 years old. You are the embodiment of simplicity. You don’t like to complicate things, whether it’s in love relationships or in simple things like dinner. Your social circle is small, so your chances of getting in trouble are slim.

If you see six dogs, your mind is between 30 and 40 years old. You are a bit old-fashioned and cautious, but also a person who can be trusted. Your friends often ask you for advice because they think you are mature and stable. You are not striking and you are very down to earth.

If you see seven dogs, you are literally a child. You are very naive, simple and kind, like a child.