opti 2016: Top Trumps for Opticians

Less than two months until one of the largest optical trade fairs in the world…

Four halls, 550 exhibitors, countless novelties. The new !Hot area located in Hall C1 promises numerous highlights. Here, around 60 independent and fashion labels will be presenting their hottest new designs. There will be an additional 100 companies in Hall C1 to complete the range of products. Moreover, a visit to the opti boxes will rank highly on any trend scout’s to-do list. These can also be found in the !Hot area.

Sixteen newcomers will be presenting their definition of good eyewear design. Furthermore, five companies have used the opti boxes as a springboard and are presenting at their own stands for the first time in 2016. In order to get to know the new and returning exhibitors, everyone should play the opti box game of quartets before visiting opti.

The opti boxes represent edgy, unusual and fresh creativity. For the first time, a space for the industry’s youngsters can be found in Hall C1. After moving here, the number of manufacturers has gone up to 16. All of them originate from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The following companies will be ready to be discovered by visitors from 15 to 17 January 2016: Glasses Manufactory S*, Code ADN SAS (Brand: iHUMAN), Dabrach, Dick Moby, DIMA 2001 s.r.l (Brand: David Marc), D.T. SRLS, Emian Böhe sunglasses, housebrand, iolani eyewear, Nogs, Projekt Samsen, Reinke Eyewear, Stefan Kästner, You Mawo GmbH and wood and cotton. Visitors can also look forward to performances by all representatives of the 2015 opti box generation, including Hapter, Isla Calavera, Clement Gouverneur, EYECON as well as paperstyle. Their stands will be premiering in Halls C1 and C4.

Rules for the opti box quartets

A two-player game of quartets consists of 12 playing cards, with the 12th card being the joker (paperstyle). After shuffling, each player gets six cards. The player who did not shuffle begins and reads the number from one of the categories on their uppermost card. The player with the higher value in that category is the winner. The winner places both cards in the bottom of their deck. If the selected category says k.A. (N/A or not applicable), then the card displaying a number wins. If both players have the same value in the selected category, then both place their card in the middle. Whoever’s turn it was calls out a category. Whoever has the higher value in this case wins these cards and the cards from the previous rounds. The first player with all the cards is the winner of the opti box game of quartets.
This card game is especially popular amongst children and was invented by the German Werner Seitz in 1952. It was available for 2 Mark and 90 cents and appeared in shops in its original automobile theme.

More info: www.opti.de