opti on Pole

Wire-to-wire victory for optics: Over 24.000 visitors from more than 80 countries have turned opti into an international industry meeting point. More than 500 exhibitors from 34 countries showed their products and collections, which, in many cases, celebrated their world premiere in Munich.

Munich, 13th January 2014 – opti uses its pole position in the international calendar of trade shows. “In Munich, exhibitors and visitors started on pole position into the new year”, says Dieter Dohr, chairman of the management board of the GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH. The trade show, which takes place annually in January, is the ideal start for the industry, which appreciates the high quality, the product range on offer, as well as the lively and exciting atmosphere of the trade show. “Concentrated, compact, efficient, and friendly”, this is how Dohr describes opti. “In Munich, the most trendy companies from all sections of the optical industry exhibit, from frames to lenses and contact lenses to technical equipment, low vision, shop fittings and shop design.”

The successes of the past years and the product range have attracted the attention and curiosity of trade visitors from far beyond the borders of Germany and Europe. That way, in 2014, opti was able to raise the number of visitors as well as its internationality. At the same time, the survey proves once more the satisfaction with the product range of the exhibitors – 94 % of all visitors rated opti as good or very good. Also the organisation of the trade show received top grades. Moreover, the search for novelties was a priority for over 90% of trade visitors this time – and they found what they were looking for: Numerous exhibitors used the point of time at the beginning of the year to present their new collections and product innovations in the sections of design and technology on opti.


For the head of the trade show, Dieter Dohr, the number of exhibitors as well as visitors is a clear statement in favour of opti and a clear vote for its date right at the beginning of the year. Again, Saturday was the best-visited day, followed by Friday, which also saw an increase in its number of visitors. In spite of the higher number of overall visitors for him it is not the bare numbers,which account for the success of the trade show. “The right visitors have to come”, he emphasises. “It is the special atmosphere, the excitement, the exhibitors and visitors, which make opti an event, that no one wants to miss out on.” opti is the home of the industry: “Whoever attends, belongs to the industry.” “The optical industry has gained a lot of support from opti and is glad about a good start into the new year”, says Josef May, chairman of the Industry Association SPECTARIS. “The majority of exhibitors are very satisfied with the receipt of orders and the visitors. As regards the internationalisation, the trade show has advanced once again. It had already started very well on Friday with full trade show corridors and stands. Additionally, the atmosphere was once again excellent. We now hope that a good and successful year with an increase in purchases lies ahead of us and that we together can carry this enthusiasm to the final consumer, in order to convince them of the different additional glasses and contact lenses”. “Once more, right at the beginning of the year opti has proved that it satisfied the taste of the visitors with its mix of up-to-date information, new ideas, products, and as an important industry meeting point”, says Thomas Truckenbrod, President of the Central Association of Opticians. “Not only the German opticians accept this offer. The good mood of the exhibitors counts also towards the success of opti. I am satisfied that the dialogue within the industry works and I hope that the good atmosphere and the success of opti will be reflected in the business of the opticians in the coming months of this year.”


The next opti takes place once again at the end of the second week of January – from 8th to 10th January 2015 (Thursday to Saturday).