In the cold period of the year is it more frequent to get dry eye syndrome – a set of symptoms that warn of the lack of tears, which are necessary for the defense of the eye from external influences and infection.

Eyes are intensified due to the dry cold wind and a longer stay indoors where the air is drained, and symptoms include a burning sensation, redness, dryness, foreign body feeling in the eye, tearing, blurred vision …

Tears are natural cleaners
These symptoms occur as a consequence of greater evaporation of tears, which are part of the protection system of the cornea. Experts picturesque describe, like the automobile wipers, lacrimal gland moistures the cornea and zhe eyelids wipe her. Due to the insufficient wetting, corneal surface cells die and fall, which causes inflmmation.Except the winter conditions, the dry eye syndrome is affected by aging, hormonal changes in women during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation or menopause, various diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, asthma, diseases thyroid), taking certain medications (e.g anti-depressives or mediacations for high blood pressure), taking contraceptives, wearing contact lenses, a long-term work on the computer … The unnatural reading of the text on the computer screen (the letters do not rest, but move) we concentrate more so we blink less, and blinking is important for the tear production. The surface of the cornea drys out, and when we blink again, dead corneal surface cells fall of. When this happens for at least a hundred times a day, the result is a feeling of sand in the eyes.

Caution when wearing lenses
Dry eye syndrome is more common in women who at the same time wear contact lenses (especially soft) and take contraceptives. Only wearing lenses increases the risk of evaporation of tears and dryness of the eyes, and in combination with contraceptives the risk is further increased. Therefore, women who wear lenses is recommended special caution when they start to take contraceptives.

Taken from vecernji.hr, Author: Ivana Vodogažec