3D Glasses Make You Feel Nausea? This Is an Anti-gadget for You!

2D glasses that align the 3D image became an absolute hit…


2D glasses that align the 3D image? This is one of those ideas that you would like to have thought of it yourself because these things are starting to sell like crazy, says Time’s Techland blog.


One pair of these glasses costs $ 10 including delivery costs . How does it work? These glasses will flatten 3D image, and thus undo the effect of three-dimensionality in cinemas.

Their creator Hank Green said that he had originally made ??the glasses for his wife who complained of a headache while watching 3D movies. Instead of leading her to 2D film projections, Hank invented glasses for her and that’s how it all started.

Three-dimensional effect is achieved so by sending the viewer simultaneously two pictures of which the left eye sees one image and the right eye sees the other one. These two pictures are put “one over the other”, and differences between them are shown in different colors.

With the help of special glasses, only the red part of the spectrum is filtered towards the left eye, while blue and green are filtrated towards the right eye. Every eye gets a different image, but the perspective is imitated so that the eyes are looking at a single point.

Green’s 2D glasses, however, provide that each eye receives the same image, which cancels the 3D effect.


We do not know how much you like this idea, but Green says on his website that now  he can go with his wife watch 3D movies without her getting a headache.

Since she is not the only one having this problem, he decided to make these glasses available to everyone.

Whatever Hollywood prepares for us, these glasses will flatten and transform it into a plain, simple and well-known 2D.


Taken from: www.net.hr