Blind Doctor Invented Orientation App

Doctor Chieko Asakava received a medal of honor in Japan for her invention that makes life easier for blind people…

Dr Asakava had an accident when she was 14 that left her without sight. Still, the difficult situation did not stop her from fulfilling her dreams. She finisheed a course in using computers for the blind and started working at the IBM. Her job has enabled her to help blind people in many ways. She was one of the first people to work on enabling the Braille letter on computers. In addition, she has developed a system for translating voice commands into a letter for the use of computers.

Her new invention is the NavCog application that helps blind people to get around in indoor environments. Using Bluetooth technology, the app identifies objects in the space and informs the blind person with sound.The application is in the test phase and is now available only in Japan and some parts of the USA, but IBM announces the global launch of the application soon.