Taking care of your lenses means taking care of your eyes

Wearing and the schedule of lens replacement are of big importance for eye health. Next thing important is adhering to the instructions you were given by your ophthalmologist related to care and preserving your lenses:

• Washing hands is the first step before handling with contact lenses, no matter is it taking them off, putting them on or cleaning. If you don’t wash your hands, the beds from them can be transffered to the lens and that includes bacterials and other microorganisms.

• Non-aromatic antibacterial liquid soaps are better than firm soaps which are easier to infect.

• Suds should be carefully washed from the hands before handling with lenses in order to avoid pollution.

• Hands should always be dryed with a towel that doesn’t leave traces on the hands, in order to prevent the transition of the little fabric pieces to the lens. 

• All contact lenses, that are worn more than once, should be cleaned and desinfected before putting into the eye again. The reason is that pathogenic sprouts could cause complications and that proteins, calcium and lipids that are normally in the tears can be accumulated on the surface of the contact lenses. That decreses the comfort of wearing and makes the eyes sensitive to infections.