Cheap Sunglasses Can Cause Blindness

By wearing sunglasses without UV protection you run a higher risk of vision loss than by not wearing them at all…

In the hot summer months, experts especially warn of the danger of UV radiation, and appeal for adequate protection. While buying sun cream, you make sure to carefully choose the one with a high SPF – do you do the same when you protect our eyes?

Long-term exposure to UV radiation can cause damage to many parts of the eye and be the main cause of the disease, which at worst can lead to vision loss.

Things to watch on when buying sunglasses
Many choose sunglasses purely and only by a form that is currently in fashion, not caring to protect the eyes. By wearing sunglasses without UV protection we run a higher risk of vision loss, than by not wearing them at all.
Due to the reduced amount of light, dark glass on the sunglasses causes expansion of the pupil of the eye. When the pupils are enlarged, harmful solar radiation is entering the eye in much greater quantities, and if the lens of the sunglasses doesn’t have adequate protection, damage can be enormous. The basic prerequisite of quality care is a filter on the lens glasses that block the flow of harmful radiation to the eye. With sunglasses purchased from authorized optical services, you will receive a declaration in which the manufacturer lists all the characteristics of the”glasses”and the quality of its products.

Glasses for drivers and athletes
For people who spend more time in nature (sailors, cyclists, mountaineers), professional drivers or people in general sensitive to light, it is recommended to wear polarized sunglasses, which have a special polarization filter which provides protection from the glare of light reflected from water, snow, wet road surface , windshield…
Don’t save your money by shopping at markets or non-authorized stores, but be careful with your eyes, as though they were ”a mirror of the soul” and, more importantly, remember that over 80% of information from the environment is received with your eyes.

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