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Concept-s Special Offer on MIDO

concept 2mido naslovnaCatch up on the latest trends and see for yourself our new sophisticated and successful developments in the field of displaying spectacles and accessories in a safe and optimal way…

Individual shop planning

Thanks to sophisticated display modules and fitting elements the advantages of concept-s are short planning and execution time, cost-effective realization and price transparency.

Design, quality and function bear comparison with the highest demands. Optimal preconditions for the best possible result because customer satisfaction are our primary objective. Our experienced installation team could assist to assemble if required.

MOSAIC – The individual shop system


MOSAIC is the new shop design system of concept-s, which allows the most diverse combinations of presentation systems and therefore different subjects are being presented uniformly.

Thanks to a well thought-out substructure and by using different formats, surfaces, mounting elements, lighting and optical separations the new, customized images can always be presented. By the uniformity of MOSAIC you are always organized, achieve a general view and a coherent overall picture at your shop – best conditions for an appealing ambience!

We not only attach great importance to a sophisticated design of our shop design systems but also to flexibility in decoration. Therefore the systems are designed to customize the merchandise display at any time. The handling is quite simple and the versatile system components provide almost endless possible combinations.

One floor plan – many possibilities

Due to the variability of MOSAIC you can carry out small modifications as well as a complete shop design project. The examples BASIC, CLASSIC and PREMIUM symbolically stand for possible ways to realize your projects based on different budgets and sizes.

We offer the options – the decision is yours: Whether BASIC, CLASSIC or PREMIUM – each category is the perfect combination of best materials, timeless design, and premium processing.


BASIC means a reconstruction for those who want to make a change, but only have a limited budget. Functional and practical solutions are needed, always with the aim to improve the effectiveness of merchandise display.


CLASSIC stands for the redecoration of an entire shop in order to present yourself in a new and modern look. With MOSAIC, you can design professionally and thanks to standardized modules also economically. At the same time individuality is assured through our wide selection of materials, colours and shapes.


PREMIUM is the synonym for a high-quality and exclusive design for those who are searching for a very special and customized solution. In this segment representative shops of top-class level are requested and highest demands needs to be set on the interior.

SHOP DESIGN 2.0 – Interactive shop concepts

concept-s presents the next generation of interactice displays which provide an optimum presentation of merchandise with full product information and control by tablet PCs and smartphones.

In times of high competition and growing online trading we offer the perfect solution for an effective synthesis of local shops and information increasingly available virtually.

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