kontlee od zlata i dijamanata

Contact Lenses Made of Gold and Diamonds

kontlee od zlata i dijamanataThese contact lenses coated with gold and diamonds, produced in India, are expected to be a hit among celebrities and the rich…

The creator of the respective lenses, Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan told the press that he got the idea after his wife got precious stones implemented into a tooth. His Le Ser line of ‘eye jewelery’ consists of contact lenses coated with white and yellow gold, and is if that wasn’t enough – there are as many as 18 diamonds integrated into the lens; the price of course is a “real bargain.”

If you want to become owner of a contact lenses coated with gold and diamonds, one pair will cost you ‘only’ 78,000 kuna! However, if you plan to buy them you need to hurry, because Dr. Chawan will launch only 3 996 pairs, which are expected to be bought by wealthy citizens and celebrities in a blink of eye!

Taken from: www.dnevnik.hr