EyeHealth Information Facebook Group Provides First Free Eye Exam to Someone in Need

Last February, Dr. Glazier set up the EyeHealth Information Network with the goal of educating the public about eye health issues…

Through the EyeHealth Information Facebook page, Dr. Glazier implemented his idea of providing free eye care to those in need. His simple model; for every 100 people who join the network he would provide free eye care to someone in need. This novel model for providing health care requires no monetary exchange. As the popularity of the effort increases, more and more people benefit – the doctors through marketing of their charitable effort and the patients, often in dire need of care, by receiving it free of charge without hassles of insurance.
At the time of the free eye care, the person in need must consent to being videotaped and having their interview broadcast on the internet for the purpose of drawing more attention to the effort, thus earning more free eye care. Dr. Glazier feels that social media may eventually be used in this fashion to ease the burden of some health care expenses. The publicity doctors can gain for free through charitable social media efforts will greatly offset the expense of providing free eye care to a few patients. The result is a win-win situation for everyone. No insurance hassles, no referrals or problems with out of network providers.
Check out the video to see who was helped by Dr. Glazier’s effort.

Check out the video here

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Taken from: http://eyeinfo.wordpress.com/