Contact lenses for daily wear

All lenses can be divided into 2 main categories depending on the fact could they or couldn’t they be weared over night. Contact lenses for daily use are weared during day and should be taken off every time before going to bed. After a certain period they are tossed away or replaced with a new pair. It is important to know that shortening the cycle of replacement leads to significant decrese of complications with contact lenses. Remember a simple rule: the more often you change your contact lenses, the more uncommon is to have any complications. Some contact lenses for daily use are tossed away daily, while others are replaced after one or two weeks or even longer period.  If those lenses are used again, they should be cleaned and desinfected before using them again. If you don’t want to clean your lenses every day or you are alergic, the best solution for you are lenses for one day use like 1- DAY ACUVUE®. Considering you take off your lenses every night and replace them every morning with a fresh and new pair of lenses, you don’t get beads on them so lens cleaning is not necessary. Because of that many ophthalmologists and people who wear contact lenses belive that lenses for one day use are the healthiest and that this is the most suitable way of wearing contact lenses.