Museum of illusions Opened in Zagreb

Holograms, optical illusions of bottomless pits and lots of other fun things can be seen in the first Croatian Museum of illusions…

The Croatian capital is now richer for another museum, the Museum of illusions. The largest collection of holograms in the region includes over 70 exhibits that will completely overwhelm the visitors, giving them a lot to learn and certainly surprising and confusing them, because nothing is what it seems in this museum!
The museum offers an intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience in a fun adventure for all ages. Through attractive and entertaining illusions, visitors will learn a lot about the mind, perception, the human brain and science, and will be able to better understand why the eyes see things that the brain does not understand.
Imagine resisting gravity in an oblique room, seeing the other person suddenly decreasing or increasing, seeing a bottomless pit, serving someone’s head on a platter, and photographing all of this in an endless room!
The museum also has a smart room that through various didactic concepts and Dilemma games convert the playroom into a real fitness for the brain, while the museum shop offers 3D lighting, didactic toys for all ages and souvenirs, so that the visitors can take the experience of wonder and discovery with them and never leave the real empire of illusions!

You do not need to imagine the impossible, just come to the Museum of illusions!

Address: Ilica 72, Zagreb, Croatia


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