Optics 2013 – Portoroz

dooh36th Traditional meeting of Slovenian opticians OPTICS 2013, will take place from 15th to 17th March 2013, at the Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portoroz …

This year’s meeting will be marked by news that will make the event even more interesting, with the expert support, and will extend the fair beyond the borders of Slovenia, and in this way satisfy the needs of most demanding listeners. In addition to the conference, a professional optical exhibition will take place at the meeting, where more than 20 exhibitors will be presented.

The event will be reshaped from a fair to a conference, which will be attended by numerous local and foreign lecturers and experts. Simultaneously translated lectures (SLO – ANG and ANG – SLO) will be held on Saturday, 13:00 to 19:00 h.

– Conference Optics is becoming biennial and will now alternate with OCCSEE conference organized by Velika Gorica Polytechnic in collaboration with the Croatian Association of opticians and optometrists HDOO, causing the expected large crowd of expert visitors from Slovenia and Croatia.

Optika 2013 Portorož Programme

Friday, March 15

  • 13.00 – 15.00 Registration

Workshops&interactive presentations

  • 15.00 Davor Mihaljević and Zvonko Pirtušek: Manual and automatic measurements in dispensing progressive addition and aspheric glasses(sponsored by Essilor), SLO&CRO
  • 15.45 Zdravko Beljan, B.Sc.:Near point astigmatism(sponsored by Rodenstock), CRO (till 16.30)
  • 16.30 Opening of optical exhibition
  • 17.15 Michal Krasňansky, B.Sc.: Spectacle lenses,from traditional to free?form individuals, ENG
  • 18.00 Matjaž Mihelčič, M.Sc.: Photographic Documentation of Slitlamp Findings(till 18.30), ENG
  • 20.00 Exhibition closes

Saturday, March 16

  • 9.00 Optical exhibition starts

Presentations of optical industry (each 10min.):

  • 10.00 Dejan Aljančič: Individual spectacle lens production technology (Alcom), SLO
  • Peter Peternel, Spectacle lenses ? Hoya, SLO
  • Davor Mihaljević: Essilor – newsfor 2013, SLO
  • Robi Rimc: Rodenstock ? newsfor 2013 , SLO
  • Boštjan Železnik: Topcon – Bretifeld&Schliekert news(sports + swimming goggles, Rx?able diving masks), SLO
  • 11.00 Brigita Burgar Vrhovnik: Only the best for your soft contact lenses(Oktal Pharma), SLO
  • Urša Smole Zavadlav,mag.: Contact lens care (Menicon), SLO
  • Peter Fojka, eye (Vismed), SLO
  • Gerhard Hetych:HETYCH contact lenses, ENG
  • Ester Brena: Centrostyle; Children Frames, news&advantages, ENG
  • Ana Plavčak:Discover the potential of your customers(Johnson&Johnson), SLO

12.00 – 13.00 pause

Proffesional presentations/ papers(simultaneous translation SLO – ENG, ENG –  SLO on Saturday afternoon only)

  • 13.00 Emil Zavadlav, Ph.D.: Free form, True form, Advance, Digital Surfacing –  How to make sense of all these tehnologies, SLO
  • 13.20 Jaka Kukovič, Bc.: Shooting glasses for presbyopes, SLO
  • 13.40 Tina Lah Nolimal, B.Sc.:Nutrition, nutritive supplements, vitamins – their effect on the eye health, SLO
  • 14.00 Kristina Mikek, MD, M.Sc.: Healing of Keratoconus with corneal crosslinking, SLO
  • 15.00 Igor Petriček, MD, PhD: Comprehensive Tear FilmScreening (sponsored by Essilor), ENG
  • 15.20 Sebastijan Marx, Meibomian gland disfunction – MGD (sponsored by Alcon), ENG
  • 15.40 Matjaž Mihelčič, M.Sc.: Switch From Soft CL to RGP: When, Why and How?, ENG
  • 16.00 Silke Lohrengel, M.Sc.: Keratoconus update (sponsored by Hecht Contactlinsen), ENG
  • 17.30 Xhevat Lumi, MD,mag.: Macula disorders, ENG
  • 18.00 Jitka Bělíková, M.Sc.:New perspectives in amblyopia treatment, ENG
  • 18.30 Dragica Kosec, MD, prim.mag.:Diplopia, ENG
  • 18.50 Michal Krasňanský, B.Sc.: Binocular vision, ENG
  • 19.10 Simon Brezovar:High altitude hypoxia and visual attention:Neurohysiological and psychological perspective, ENG
  • 20.00 Exhibition closes
  • 20.30 Dinner for all participants and exhibitors
  • 23.00 Party at the Portorož beach

Sunday, March 17

  • 9.00 Optical exhibition starts
  • Proffessional discussions(all SLO)
  • 10.00 Handicraft chamber/ optical section meeting: the future of education in handicraft?mastermodel
  • 11.00DOOS general assembly
  • 12.00Urša Kustura: SpecialOlympics ? Opening Eyes Programme
  • 12.30 JanezGobec – Master of ophtalmic optics: What will optitians and optometrists in Slovenia do in the future?
  • 13.00 Conclusion of the proffessional part
  • 14.00 Closing of exhibition

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