Prejudices About Laser Eye Surgery

Accuracy, security of instruments and steady hand of experts guarantee complete safety during shaping the cornea with a laser, i.e. vision correction, even if you sneeze or blink…
Prof. Dan Reinstein of the London Vision Clinic revealed a few facts about Lasik surgery:
  • It is not a problem if you blink, sneeze or cough during the procedure. Educated physician and technology will ensure that these minimal movements do not affect the result.
  • One laser pulse removes a quarter of one hundredth of the width of a human hair.
  • The laser cannot blind you. It can correct vision problems with eyes that are affected by the aging process, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • Most patients can see pretty good already in the evening after surgery and on the next day they can return to work.
  • The main side effect is dry eyes. Sometimes it takes up to several weeks in order to remedy this situation.
  • There is a chance of 0.1 percent or less of visual complications.
  • Laser is not hot but cold.
  • Fragrance that patients sense during the procedure is not “burning eyes”, but the carbon atoms that are created by laser.
  • The procedure does not hurt, and the changes that are thereby achieved are permanent.
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