Shopdesign 2.0 – the concepts of interactive store

Concept-s represents the next generation of interactive displays and concepts of trade that provide an optimal presentation of goods with full product information and control with touch screen …

In a time of high competition and growing online trading, it offers the perfect solution for efficient synthesis of local stores, and the information is increasingly available virtually.


One Platform – Many Advantages

By choosing interactive presentation modules together with intelligent SMART SELECT software, you are not only investing in futuristic sales systems but are opening up more potential savings and sales promotions on several levels:
· Your clients have the opportunity to fully inform you and, if needed, get additional advice. The result is optimal customer service with well-targeted sales staff.
· With the help of minimized consulting, you can concentrate on other major tasks such as procurement, contact with suppliers and partners, etc. Also, cost savings and optimization options are hidden here.
· Quick and easy content management: Products and information can be entered quickly and easily through the central content management system and uploaded to several touch-sensitive displays.
· Customers can browse the show 24/7 days a week or ask for a contact. So you can always stay in touch with the buyer!



All about your product!

ELEVENDER is a system for displaying and storing data in one with electronic control and keeps the goods in constant circulation according to the principle of the paternoster elevator.

Continuous presentation results in a double display area and therefore replaces the storage space. Because of the constant movement, all models are shown. This also compensates for the accompanying effect of the goods that are stored in the trays do not sell easily.



Light that leads to the right product!

LIGHT UP helps users to find the right product according to their own specific user requirements interactively with a touch screen.

After selection, the software will control the integrated light on the shelves. At the end of the selection process, the shelves are illuminated with products that meet customer needs! LIGHT UP is not limited to one user, thanks to different colors can be used by several customers at the same time.




Display your product using the [e] movement!

We started your presentation! Police for glasses, jewelery and high quality accessories are constantly moving around two axes. Moving is absolutely a viewer and customer catcher, whether as a desk or window display!



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