Sito-MAS d.o.o. from Zagreb continues a 15-year tradition of Sito-AS d.o.o. in the supply of entrepreneurs and industry with quality German equipment, tools and supplies…

At this year’s optics exhibition CROOPTA 2010, held in Poreč, the company Sito-MAS d.o.o. from Zagreb presented their firm for the first time.

Program of Sito-MAS represents leading German manufacturers of various equipment, machinery, supplies, cleaning and maintenance agents, chemicals, etc., which have their use in crafts, industry, jewelry, optics, dental.

They are general representatives in the former Yugoslavia for the following companies:

OTEC – devices for post processing – grinding, polishing,
• ultrasonic baths of the firm ELMA,
• the company SAMBOL for abstergents,
• program and apparatus for labeling of the firm EXTRA 4,
• apparatus for spot welding of the  company LAMPERT.

All listed companies are from the German market.

On this year’s fair the company highlighted products that have applications in optical industry – ultrasonic bath for ultrasonic cleaning of the company ELMA, materials for cleaning glasses and anti-fog agents of the firm SAMBOL, apparatus and programs for labeling of FERDINAND- EISELE from Germany.

Great attention is given to spot welding machine which has the possibility of welding all materials used in optics, (steel, titanium, etc.). The device works in a way that is not heatening the item while welding so it can fix the broken parts very close to the places that usually should not come into contact with heat, i.e. close to lenses or sensitive framework.

Since this is the first year to participate at the fair so they cannot compare with past years, they say that the realization is complete, although the number of visitors could be higher. Regarding the location, they consider that it is better for the fair to be held somewhere outside of Zagreb, so that everyone can fully concentrate only to the fair.

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