Technological wonder makes 5000 cuts per minute which eye doesn’t even feel

Modern device for eye operations is being tested in the hospital “Sveti Duh”….

Surgeons dr. Borna Šarić and his assistant dr. Damir Bosnar re the first physicians of Southeast Europe who have the opportunity to test device “live”, on ten patients.

Dr. Borna Šarić is delighted with the modern machine (Photo: Antonio Bronić)
Since the last generation of Accurusa until the new Constelationa device appeared, eight years passed. Experts, in this case – ophthalmologists, say that the profession got – technological wonder! Surgeons from the eye department of the General Hospital Sveti Duh in Zagreb, dr. Borna Šarić and his assistant dr. Damir Bosnar  are the first physicians of Southeast Europe who have the opportunity to test device “live” on patients.
Device Constelation had the world premiere this year at the exhibition of ophthalmic equipment at the congress in Nice. Several “demo machines” were sent in use in clinical practice all over the world, and one at the beginning of the week from France arrived in Zagreb.

Fully computerized
– The crown of technological innovation is in the number of cuts that the knife does in one minute. It is incredible to speed up the knife cuts in the eye to 5000 in just one minute, while the maximum of the standard equipment is half less – says dr. Šarić.
It is clear to every layman that this frequency human eye cannot follow, but doctors point out that the enormous advantage of a large number of knife cuts is in it that it protects the retina; it cannot absorb it or damaged it during the surgery, explains dr. Šarić, who has “tried” the new device on ten patients. – I am delighted – he says – by the fact that the retina can be touched and still it stays completely idle, which wasn’t possible to do with the current technology. He says that the complete computerization of the device is also a revolutionary step.

New Materials
– It is filled with sensors and chips. I would single out the chip that controls the pressure in the eye during the surgery. If the pressure drops in the eye, the device will automatically detect it and charge to increase the input of solution into the eye and vice versa, so there is no unnecessary over-pushing of the fluid, which can damage the nerve. The device will also warn when a bottle of liquid is at the end. Device has two top sources of so-called cold light, a laser with improved performances…
In short, the operations are safer, there is less risk of damage and surgeons have absolute comfort in their work. Or, it is like you sit in the Mercedes after you have been sitting in Fiat – describes dr. Šarić. That contributes also the instruments that enter the eye. Made of new alloys, they are thinner, stronger and more resilient, which is important when they have to submit the force of four surgical hands that are the same time placed over one eye.

Taken from:, Author: Diana Glavina