The Age of Bionic Eye Is Coming!

The new invention of American scientists is used with special glasses that emit rays of light into the eye of the patient. The light ‘supplies power’ to the eye which could help in restoring vision…

Diseases such as macular degeneration and retinal pigmentosa lead to dying of the cells in the eye which detect light, which eventually leads to complete blindness, reports the BBC.

Retinal implants stimulate nerves in the back of the eye, which could help some patients to restore their vision. The implant, which acts similar to the principle of solar panels, is mounted behind the damaged retina and involves the use of special goggles that emit light rays into the implant. This is very important, since the ‘normal’ light is about 1000 times too weak to supply power to the implant.

The implant has not yet been tested in humans but has been shown to function in laboratory rats.

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