Vision and Eye Injuries Are Threatening at Home!

Be careful! An average household is full of hidden dangers!

Although the average household is full of potential hazards to the eyes and vision, many of us do not think about their safety in their own four walls. If we are to believe the latest data from the American Association of Ophthalmology, half of all eye injuries occur while performing everyday tasks in or around the house.
Fortunately, most of these injuries can be prevented by introducing a few safety measures and applying the appropriate protection for the eyes.

Experts advise the following: every household must contain at least one pair of goggles that can prevent up to 90 percent of eye injuries. Mentioned  glasses should be of polycarbonate glass that is strong, light and resistant to fractures. These goggles should be worn when using power tools, rotary mowers, trimmers for lawn, metal forging and the use of chemicals. Apart from wearing protective glasses, the risk of injury can be reduced by following a few safety tips:

– The sharp corners and edges of furniture pan with soft cloth or pads manufactured specifically for this purpose
– Keep all chemicals and sprays out of reach of small children
– Do not allow children to burn fireworks
– Hold kids indoors while you’re  using tool for grinding
– Choose toys and games that are appropriate for the age of your children
– Supervise your children when dealing with dangerous items, including pencils, scissors, forks and knives
– Remove children’s toys that look like missiles, such as darts, bows and arrows
– Be a good example. Wear protective glasses to show that the child  must be careful about  his eyes and vision.

If an accident happens by chance, go immediately at the ophthalmologist who will perform all necessary tests of the eye and vision. Some potentially dangerous injuries initially seem completely harmless. Therefore, it is always best to play it safe asking the opinion of experts.
Taken from: Author: K. Ramic