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lece za macke

Contact lenses for cats

Veterinairans made an effort to ease the old days for house pets, do today cat Ernest, who had eye problems for years, sees as good as in young days.

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nemaju za naocale

Can’t afford glasses

More than one milliard people suffer from presbyopia, and half of them doesn’t have glasses to correct their eyesight, scientists informed. Guess where those that don’t have glasses live?

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dijete naocale

How to make a child love eyeglasses?

Does your baby have to wear eyeglasses and is hard to persuade him to wear them regulary? Explain to him that wearing eyeglasses has to become part of the every day routine, like brushing teeth and putting clothes on.

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ekran na leci

Screen on the lens

 Today scientists can produce little phones and notebooks, but we need a rather large screen in order to use it. What would happen if the screen would be placed on the lens?

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univerzalno za sirotinju

Universal for the poor

After years of development in India, begins an examination of universal glasses intended fo the poor children in the developing countries. They hope they will be good enough for 90 % of those with weak sight.

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PC optical illusions

With development of information technology it gets easier to create optical illusions that show us how subjective our understanding of what we see is. Here are the most common types of optical illusion, and one example for download in the attachment. Optical illusions are caused by the dullness of the eye and the work of […]

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Redesign of website

Dear readers! Redesign of the site and adding new facilities is in progress. We are spreading the site to adjacent countries. If you have one of the older internet browsers, some interferences in our site work are possible, so we suggest you install Internet explorer 7.0(click HERE) or Mozillu Firefox (click HERE), or visit our old website […]

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